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me after my first year of college

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Busted from Adrien on Vimeo (with the sound).

Fan art animation I did for fun and for free as a tribute to Aladdin & Tangled.

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Honey Lemon from Disney’s BIG HERO 6 by princekido

Honey Lemon from Disney’s BIG HERO 6 by princekido

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inspired by x

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transparent big hero 6 gang

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bet’cha on land, they understand. bet they don’t reprimand their daugters.

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Listen with your heart
You will understand

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"Hello, Hiro. I am Baymax. I protect your heart and body."

"Baymax? Huh?"

"Tadashi made me. From one to ten, how much does your heart hurt?"

"Leave me alone."

(Japanese trailer rough English translation)


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"My precious"


"My precious"

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Big Hero 6 official trailer #1 (x)

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